About Us

When you choose Window Craft, you’re buying more than just a window or door. You are getting experience and service of Window Craft professionals who are proudly dedicated to your satisfaction. See how Window Craft has remained passionate about creating a better view for your premises.

A Promise Reflected in Every Window

  • Window Craft is professionally managed company
  • Window Craft has been awarded for the finest design range
  • Advance manufacturing facilities

Promise of Purposeful Innovation

From its founding, Window Craft has always been about bringing you innovative windows and doors that do more than frame and landscape- They make life easier with meaningful details that matter every day.

Promise of Continuous Improvement

At Window Craft, we are just not content to rest on our reputation as an industry leader. Constantly striving to make our products, service and company better is business as usual. Window Craft’s continuous improvement methods are based on advance methodology. These events help our company accomplish change rapidly. Here’s how it works. A cross-functional team meets for a one-week continuous improvement event to study an issue, explore options and implement improvements. The aim of the event is to take time and cost out of a process, while enhancing overall quality as well as productivity.

As A Company-wide Commitment

Continuous improvement engages and involves Window Craft’s employees, and helps them better understand their role as team members in satisfying customers. Window Craft introduced continuous improvement processes.

Think For Customers Benefit

One example of the way continuous improvement has improved our processes is the implementation of manufacturing — meaning that Window Craft does not carry a large inventory of products in stock. Instead, we build them "just in time" to meet our customers’ needs. This reduces costs — savings we pass on to you.